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aMetal plating is an essential component of any pair of sunglasses, and at Radnor, we understand that choosing the right one is crucial to the success of your design. 


Unfortunately, the offering tends to be limited on the market. Even worse, it's challenging to get everything you need from the same manufacturer. One might have one or two of the elements you need, but rarely do they have the right lenses, acetate frames, and metal plating options. 


So, you're either stuck compromising on your design or dealing with a logistical headache, trying to source everything from different suppliers.

Not anymore. 


We're committed to customer satisfaction at Radnor, so we've developed a comprehensive Metal Plating Toolbox. With our Metal Plating Toolbox, you will have access to over 150 metal plating options. From jeweled tones to pastels, you are certain to find the perfect color for your design. 


Our toolbox is updated every quarter with the latest trends, so you can always be ahead of the competition. After all, Radnor has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and we know what it takes to create sunglasses that truly stand out. And that's why we are committed to ensuring our customers have everything they need to succeed.


Order your free Metal Plating Toolbox today!

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