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Discover the Radnor Eyewear Toolboxes

Blending the essence of fashion design aesthetics with inspiration from world trends is the cornerstone of Radnor Eyewear's philosophy. The Radnor Toolboxes epitomize this philosophy, allowing you to bring to life your sunglasses design concepts with ease.

As COVID made business traveling a challenge, many of our clients could no longer visit our facilities to choose the colors they wanted for their designs. So, with our dedication to delivering the ultimate customer experience, which means providing our customers with what they really need and exceeding their expectations, we decided we needed to fix the problem. Thus, we created the Radnor Toolboxes.

Our innovative Toolboxes provide you with an array of resources, including a library of lenses, acetate frames, and metal frames in a wide range of colors. With these Toolboxes, your creativity is the only limit.

You will no longer have to deal with dozens of toolboxes from different suppliers just to find the perfect option for your design. The Radnor Toolboxes are all you need to create the sunglasses of your dreams.

Lens Catalogue

+90 colors ready

Lenses are an essential component of any pair of sunglasses, and at Radnor, we understand that choosing the right lens is crucial to the success of your design. With our Lens Toolbox, you will have access to a wide range of lens options, including special function, solid and gradient color, and mirror coating...
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Acetate Catalogue

Acetate Catalogue

+500 colors ready

Radnor's acetate toolbox features hundreds of colors and patterns, allowing you to create truly unique designs. With Radnor's toolbox, you no longer have to hunt around dozens of suppliers looking for the perfect color or texture. Likewise, you certainly don't need to stock dozens or even hundreds of acetate toolboxes from different suppliers, which can cause massive headaches...   
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Radnor Eyewear Lens Toolbox
Radnor Eyewear Acetate Toolbox

Metal Plating Catalogue

+150 colors ready

Metal plating is an essential component of any pair of sunglasses, and at Radnor, we understand that choosing the right one is crucial to the success of your design.


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